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"You won't find us in the kitchen at parties!"

With Rieber's ACS Varithek, the mobile kitchen, it gets personal! Get your chefs out front, with your customers - meaning you get to...

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer retention
  • Grow revenue


Your chefs can talk to guests, explain and upsell the menu, enhancing the customer's dining experience - meaning they'll come back for more. 


With the ACS Varithek, you can cook simple or fancy, front cooking or theatre style:


  • Fully mobile
  • ?Use in compact areas
  • ?Choice of cooking options - wok, griddle, hob
  • And what's more, only good smells are released - there are no fumes, as it's self ventilated


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When quality and service are paramount... meet K-POT

Why K-POT is good for your food


Rieber's K-Pots perform like a servery, allowing you to serve hot or cold food in virtually any location.


The quality of food remains superb - and therefore also the flavour - even after a longer period of time thanks to the uniformly controlled supply of heat.


  • Serving food cold?  You don't need power
  • Serving hot food?  You can just use a 13-amp socket
  • No smell from gel heaters with electric models
  • Cook bacon & eggs or stir fries, hold mulled wine or soup on the more powerful models

"The chafer that cooks... whatever next!"



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At BGL Rieber we make it our mission to help businesses like yours produce and serve the best food to feed our Great Nation. find out how BGL Rieber can help you, please visit, email [email protected] or call 01225 704470.