Revolutionise your home with our technology

The adoption of technology in the home can offer a lot more in the way of style and functionality than many other traditional solutions on the market, whilst giving your home a stylish, cutting-edge and refurbished feel. The Pro Display Group offer a wealth of products manufactured with care and expertise which can heavily contribute towards pushing your home into that next level of comfort and class.

For example, Switchable technology is operated by a simple electrical switch, controlling the opacity of glass from clear to frosted. A popular application of this technology is as a privacy solution in Smart Homes, providing a stylish and practical alternative to curtains or blinds that can easily be integrated into home and office automation systems, giving users more control than ever over their privacy.

Intelligent Glass, Pro Display’s Switchable Glass division and the UK’s leading manufacturer of switchable technology offers a range of glass options that are suitable for a variety of needs, including toughened glass, laminated glass, double glazed units, cast acrylic, fire resistant glass, sound resistant glass, door panels and a whole range of other features that can drastically enhance how architects and designers apply privacy solutions.

Another great home solution offered is Mirror TVs from Pro Display, which offer the best of both a mirror and a TV screen. When the TV is switched on, the enhanced HD/4K quality picture magically appear through the glass surface. When switched off, the screen reverts to a decorative mirror. Mirror TVs are popular with designers, architects and residential audiences, expressing intrigue towards the display not only for its undeniable presence, but also for the capabilities and solutions it offers. Pro Display’s choice of stunning frames offers an ideal compromise between having a styled environment and contemporary comforts. Allowing designers to pack a cutting-edge HD/4K TV screen into a mirror with a variety of frame style choices, Mirror TVs offer a way to fill an environment with stylish technology whilst preserving a chosen theme.

Mirror Glass from Pro Display takes mirrored screen technology a step further, by offering customers the opportunity to convert any existing LCD or LED TV / screen into a mirror screen by incorporating a special optical coating, providing size options of 4mm thick with a maximum sheet size of 1750 x 1250mm and 6mm thick with a maximum sheet size of 3150 x 1750mm.