Cornish Sea Salt

Cornish Sea Salt is Europe’s fastest growing sea salt brand and is quickly gaining a global reputation, exporting to 35 countries across Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. It is a high-quality, mineral-rich salt with an authentic provenance, used by chefs who want a salt that draws out and heightens the flavour of dishes for their customers. Cornish Sea Salt has a naturally lower sodium content without any compromise on flavour, meaning that you can use up to 30% less salt when seasoning.  

Hand harvested just eight metres from the Atlantic shoreline in an eco-friendly harvesting plant on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, Cornish Sea Salt is the only sea salt available from Grade A sea water. The geology of the Lizard Peninsula gives Cornish Sea Salt a totally unique mineral profile specific to the water from the area, packed with more than 60 vital essential minerals. Cornish Sea Salt is pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away.

The production method at Cornish Sea Salt differs from other European salt houses: instead of relying on evaporation and therefore retaining impurities in the finished product, an ion exchanger passes a current through the seawater, resulting in a brine of pure salt and minerals that in turn becomes pure white crystals of the highest quality and flavour.

Catering pack formats include the original Cornish Sea Salt Crystals, Cornish Sea Salt Flakes and new Cornish Sea Salt Fine Flakes, versatile products that can be used for bakery, butchery or brining, in mixology or marinades, or as a finisher. Catering packs are supplied in cases of 4, with 60 cases per pallet. See below for pack sizes.


Cornish Sea Salt Crystals – pack a punch with rich mineral content and strong taste. Great to amplify flavour in everyday cooking and ideal for delivering a salty crunch to baking and in marinades. Pack size: 1.5kg.

Cornish Sea Salt Flakes – are delicate and melt rapidly on the palate giving an instant hit of salty and mineral rich zestiness. Perfect for everyday cooking or finishing. Pack size: 1kg.

New – Cornish Sea Salt Fine Flakes – gently crushed so are salt shaker ready. Mini flakes that are full flavoured and ideal for baking, pickling, cooking, and for table seasoning. Pack size: 1.25kg.

How to order:

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