PROPER By SCT is a family run business specialising in the snack industry. We looked long and hard at this industry mainly towards the pub sector and through our research we realised it was stuck in the past so we needed to bring our products up to date.

We not only looked at the quality but we also taking into consideration about Allergens. On top of this we wanted to make sure we had a flavour for everyone, Mum, Dad, kids, Gandma, Grandad and those that like heat with great flavour, (our Dorset Naga) This was not a simple process and took the best part of 6 months to redesign our seasoning so we are now the only company that produces 9 flavours of Proper Pork Crackling all ALLERGEN FREE. Hence our tag line, CRACK-A-LACKING GEORGIOUS, CRUNCHY, PROPER PORK CRACKLING.

Due to the issue with some eateries we have upgraded out labels to show all Allergens, ingredients, nutritional values, fat, sugars, salts, proteins calories in fact everything, we have not left a single thing out.

5 years ago we started this process at the grass roots level selling on Market Stall and through great feedback we move this project forward. 18 months ago we took the step to move in to the trade sector supplying pub, shop, butchers, deli’s and petrol stations around the country which you can view all our stockist on our website

It would have been easy to stop here but that would not be us as we are always looking for ways to not only improve but to give everyone a new experience in Proper Pork Crackling.

We have now extended our range to include various sizes in our clear multi-use recyclable pots and we now have several sizes in glass clip seal jar.

One area we did notice was how to increase the shelf life when we supply our loose Proper Pork Crackling which is perfect for self-serving so we decided to invest in large 10L clip seal buckets, by doing this our Proper Pork Crackling stays as fresh as the day it was made. At this point we have 2 sizes of pots, 2 sizes of jar and our buckets, so where now,

The pub trade for one, has its stables, our Proper Pork Crackling is the perfect transition for crisps as our Proper Pork Crackling is not greasy but light and crunchy so now no need to visit the dentist for a chipped tooth. We decided to design cashews & peanuts in 8 of our amazing flavours which over the past 6 months have been a great success but let’s not forget where we started, FABULOUS HANDMADE FUDGE which is Gluten Free and comes in 21 amazing flavours a must have for costal shop and the campsite we supply.

With my 2 sons running the main floors, my wife overseeing everything making sure everything is perfect I know 2019 is going to be a year we look back on and say, “well done” we made a difference.