Cantina Goccia Launches Wine in World’s First Paper Bottle

Italian winery, Cantina Goccia has become the world’s first vineyard to use paper bottles earlier this year, and, after two sell-out limited runs, plans to make the paper bottles a permanent fixture in their range.

The unique bottles, from UK packaging maker Frugalpac, are made from 94% recycled paper, making them one of the most sustainable bottle options in the world. They are also much lighter, making them easier to transport, and are just as recyclable as glass.

The first wine to go on sale in the paper bottle was Cantina Goccia’s award-winning 3Q, an unwooded Sangiovese red with a hint of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, back in July 2020. Following two sell-out runs, the vineyard has announced plans to expand its paper bottle range to include a white wine, and a brand-new blend of rose.

Cantina Goccia owner Ceri Parke, said:

“We were delighted to make history by launching the Frugal Bottle with our award-winning 3Q wine. The feedback from industry and consumers alike has been overwhelmingly positive and we could not be more pleased. We’ve decided to commit fully to the Frugal Bottle and will be adding a white wine and a rose to our paper bottle collection.

“For us, the Frugal Bottle is about achieving a considerably more sustainable form of packaging for an industry crying out for innovation. We believe the Frugal Bottle has the potential to decarbonise the drinks industry and we’re pleased that we’re leading the way.”

The 75cl Frugal Bottle is made from 94% recycled paper with a food-grade liner to hold the wine. It can be refrigerated like a standard wine bottle, but because of its unique construction, the liquid cools quicker and remains chilled for longer, making it ideal for al fresco drinking.

The bottle weighs just 83g before its filled, almost five times lighter than a normal glass bottle, making it easier to carry and lighter to transport, further helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the drinks industry.

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Ceri added;

“When some of our top hotel customers saw samples of our paper wine bottle, there was no hesitation in their minds that this type of bottle would be well received in their dining rooms. The launch of the Frugal Bottle is a big leap in sustainability without compromising wine quality.

“We passionately believe this is a real game changer for the wine industry, allowing us to sell and transport our award-winning wines in a much more sustainable way whilst still providing a beautiful bottle.”

The paper bottles can be printed with 360-degree branding and the vineyard has plans to launch colourful, fully branded bottles to its international markets in the coming months.

“The beauty of the bottle is that you can fully brand the entire bottle,” said Ceri. “We’re having fun developing a range of wines that will grab your attention in-store. The Frugal Bottle has the potential to shake up the look and feel of supermarket wine aisles, and we are looking forward to being part of the change.”

To get your hands on Cantina Goccia’s 3Q in a paper bottle, visit Woodwinters Wines & Whiskies, (online and in-store) or selected Daylesford Organic stores in London.