As Businesses Prepare For A Return to Work – This Is What a Covid-19 Protected Office Can Look Like

As government restrictions lift, a businessman who has developed the first Covid-Safe office space in Glasgow is now advising pubs, hotels and restaurants on how to safely reopen.

Stephen McCallion, CEO of ZLX, leaders in government backed research and development tax claims, who specialise in helping the pub and restaurant sector reclaim large sums of money for investing in innovation, is now an expert in Covid-safe public spaces having teamed up with technology experts and scientists to create an office fit for the post-pandemic world.

Following a full risk assessment of his space and the way people interact, McCallion’s 5,600 sq.ft of new office space has been installed with best-in-class technology to eliminate viral pathogens and reduce the threat of contact transmission of the coronavirus.

McCallion has put numerous innovative protections in place which he and his team are now offering to the hospitality sector to facilitate the reopening of their indoor spaces. These include an air handling system that involves changing the air constantly using fresh outside air filtered with UV light which is fed evenly throughout the offices as well as infra-red heating which works like the sun and only heats people and not air unlike traditional radiators which cause air to rise and fall.

McCallion has also collaborated with scientists who have developed new nano technologies designed to close the ‘hygiene gap’ by eliminating pathogens which survive on all surfaces such as computer screens, tills and mobile phones to provide long term protection to all touch areas. He has also installed the latest reception software that logs visitors and staff in and out and which is set up to take vaccine passports if they appear.

All meeting areas, video conferencing and social areas have no-touch sanitisers while staff will be offered unique self-sterilising antimicrobial face masks designed to be worn comfortably for long periods along with rapid testing. In addition to this, a one-way system and doors that don’t hang opposite each other, make it easy for staff to stay safe.

McCallion explained: “This has not been a cheap exercise but the peace of mind that everything that can be done has been done, certainly helps when planning for reopening. To reduce lost days and make people feel safe at all times is fundamental to all businesses especially those dealing with the public. This template has proven ideally suited to the hospitality industry.

“The pandemic has forced us to innovate to drive solutions to living with Covid 19 and to this end ZLX is delighted to have helped hospitality businesses through these difficult times not only advising them on how to install Covid-safe public spaces and how to reopen but also processing R&D claims for their own pandemic fuelled ideas and developments.”