New summer spice blends from Lähde

Restaurant chefs and operators can spice up summer menus with five new seasonings from Lähde. On the menu are Sriracha, Smoky piri piri, Taco blend, Bajan BBQ and Hot Wings herb and spice blends, all ideal for street food-style dishes, informal dining and summer feasting.

The blends are all dry mixes, making them highly versatile for use on meat, fish, vegetable and plant-based foods, and they are available in vegan, non-allergen, and organic formats.

Lähde’s Thai-inspired Sriracha spice blend with chillies and garlic is ideal for chicken, pork and prawns for a zingy, spicy hit. It’s also great stirred into mayonnaise or hummus as a side, dip or accompaniment.

Smoky piri piri is hot and aromatic with a hint of sweetness and is a great addition to barbequed, griddled or grilled foods, chicken wings, ribs and even pizzas. Consumers are familiar with standard piri piri seasoning so adding a hint of smoke brings a different dimension to the finished dish.

Using authentic Mexican ingredients, Lähde’s Taco blend is perfect for prawns, pulled pork, chicken or beef taco fillings, as well as meat alternatives and plant-based foods. It can also be used in other well-known Mexican dishes such as fajitas and burritos – and even for grilled cheese and spicy sandwiches and baguettes.

Hailing from Barbados, the Bajan BBQ seasoning is a unique blend of herbs and spices with scotch bonnet peppers for a fiery kick. It’s hot on the heat scale so is aimed at those with a taste for spice. While it can be used on BBQ foods, it can also be stirred into coconut rice or stews for a real taste of the Caribbean.

Hot Wings spice blend is a dry rub designed for chicken wings – a popular food trend in causal dining and in high street takeaways. Sweet and spicy, this blend is available in mild, medium and hot varieties so operators can cater for wing fans of all ages and spice preferences.

All the new Lähde seasonings can be mixed with oil for a marinade, used as a rub, added to sauces and dips, and sprinkled on chips, pizzas, vegetables, rice and noodles. They are perfect for plant-based dishes and can add international flavours to contemporary meat alternative burgers, sausages and kebabs, as well as jackfruit, seitan, and grain and pulse-based dishes.

The team can also create bespoke blends in varying heat strengths.

Lähde is the dedicated foodservice brand from EHL Ingredients. Tasneem Alonzo, joint MD, says: “As restaurants re-open and welcome back customers, we know outdoor dining and informal foods are going to be high on the agenda. World foods are a really a lucrative market for the hospitality sector right now as consumers are happy to be experimental in trying new foods and seeking out exotic cuisines they perhaps haven’t tried before, especially as holidays have been restricted due to the pandemic.

“We are here to make chefs’ lives easier by offering our versatile blends and seasonings that add flavour, are easy to store and use, and require little preparation time. They open the door to creativity and menu development and allow chefs to make their menus a real talking point among customers.

“BBQ seasonings and sauces have really evolved and diners are looking for something unusual, exotic and spicier. Nowadays, consumers of all ages enjoy spicy foods and offering milder, as well as extra hot, dishes means chefs can cater for all taste preferences.

“Our Lähde range is designed specifically for the hospitality and foodservice sector as we know chefs need versatile ingredients with multiple uses, reliable deliveries and full traceability. We pride ourselves on our experience in sourcing high quality, authentic ingredients from around the world, our fully traceable sourcing and supply channels, our technical support, fast response times, and our team’s knowledge. We are a one-stop-shop service for chefs and caterers and we can be flexible to suit changing needs during these fast-moving times.

“We can work with chefs and operators to develop new and unique herb and spice blends, adapt existing offerings and come up with new ideas – and at the same time we can cater for vegan, vegetarian, organic and non-allergen requirements.  These are areas of growth and can boost your bottom line and attract diners following these lifestyles and contemporary diets, as well as those experimenting and keen to try these novel foods.

The new blends are available under the Lähde foodservice brand to restaurants, operators, and chefs.

To find out more about the full Lähde range from EHL Ingredients, visit, email [email protected] call 0161 480 7902.