Go Dry this January with St Peter’s Without® Alcohol-Free Beer

Already feeling the pressure of giving up the booze this January? Quitting the drink has never been so easy, if you stock up on St Peter’s Without alcohol-free beer.

St Peter’s Without is as tasty as a normal pint: malty, rich and full-bodied and a delicious alternative if you’ve given up alcohol for January or beyond.

Made in exactly the same way as a your favourite beer, but with zero alcohol, St Peter’s Without also contains at least 25% fewer calories than a standard beer making it a perfect choice for the health conscious.

And, because it’s impossible to tell the difference between St Peter’s Without® and an alcoholic beer, you can still enjoy a proper pint with friends, just with none of the unpleasant after effects.

As an extension to its growing lifestyle range which includes organic and gluten-free beers, St Peter’s Without® alcohol free beer is aimed at mindful drinkers. It provides a real, bona fide alternative for nondrinkers, or those looking to cut back on booze.

St Peter’s Without® is available nationwide in supermarkets and pubs. For more information visit www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk

For images, samples or more information email Nikki Whiteford [email protected] or call 07733 261843.