Beer Hawk FRESH to distribute Fix8 Kombucha

Beer Hawk FRESH is expanding its range of premium drinks with the addition of the Fix8 Kombucha range to its chilled supply chain. The distribution partnership between Beer Hawk FRESH and Fix8 means that bars and retailers can now order freshly-fermented kombucha from a refrigerated warehouse to be delivered in top quality, chilled condition, in […]

Logic Vending on Why Restaurants Need a Commercial Coffee Machine

With consumers becoming more and more acquired to good quality coffee, gone are the days were sub-par coffee was acceptable. Restaurants can no longer afford to serve up poor tasting coffee; as coffee drinker’s pallets become more sophisticated and demand for artisanal coffee increases. Investing in a commercial coffee machine for your restaurant is worthwhile […]

RONDA – Strike a pose with these elegant stemless glasses from Artis®

Leading distributor of table and glassware, Artis®, has announced the introduction of Ronda, a stylish new collection of stemless glassware in three different sizes. Manufactured by Royal Leerdam, it is distributed to the foodservice industry by Artis® on an exclusive basis. Ronda is multi-functional – suitable for a variety of drink serves – wines, spirits […]

PLAYGROUND – A vast new collection of complementary tabletop products from Artis®

Leading distributor of table and glassware, Artis®, has announced the introduction of Playground, a broad selection of complementary tableware products that are designed to ‘mix and match’ with existing porcelain to create a point of difference on the tabletop. Playground is the brainchild of Artis’ parent company, BHS Tabletop, which is the world’s leading manufacturer […]

Train Services Around the World

Agatha Christie wrote about them, Alfred Hitchcock directed them, and the O’Jays sang about them — yes, we’re talking about trains. First invented in 1804, the humble train, which, initially depended on genuine horsepower to help it negotiate its way through the countryside landscape has developed into one of the eco-friendliest methods of travel in […]