Framery Contact – a revolutionary new designer pod for hospitality and foodservice dining privacy

Framery has unveiled Framery Contact – a revolutionary designer pod for the hospitality and restaurant industry.  The pod combines a visually and acoustically isolated interior with a true-to-life projection, enabling the brain to see others as they are in 3D. Framery Contact is the first of its kind and enables quality face-to-face interactions while having an out of home eating experience.

Framery Contact uses a combination of advanced and analogue technology to replicate a face-to-face meeting experience. Projections are captured, unaltered, and transmitted at the highest possible quality, while strategically placed mirrors capture and display direct eye contact. This ensures a high degree of social presence and prevents adverse effects caused by computer-generated imagery.

Sound is captured with a high-performance cardioid microphone and played out of an active audio monitor that accurately matches the radiation pattern and frequency response of a human speaker. LED lights are optimized to fully illuminate the user without blinding them. The visual and acoustic isolation provided by the pod also help promote spatial presence and connectedness.

“Framery is proud to present a revolutionary product concept that bridges the gap between the convenience of remote conversations and the personal experience of meeting face-to-face,” said Framery’s Founder & CEO, Samu Hällfors.  “Now people can connect in foodservice and hospitality establishments without worry of noise interference or concern of bothering other guests.”

Framery Contact is now available for the first pilot customers, and broader commercial availability will be determined after the pilot phase. There are demo pods in Framery’s showroom in Chicago, and at the Framery headquarters in Tampere, Finland. Customers, the media, and other interested stakeholders can schedule a product tour or register interest through [email protected]

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