Top French tableware house has designs on UK restaurants @ParsleyinTime

Parsley in Time offers the Degrenne tableware range.


The Degrenne range, from Parsley in Time, brings a new elegance to the restaurant table. The chic French tableware comes in a stunning colour range, including a pure white option, and brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the dining experience.

The full range includes modern fine tableware, sensual glassware, cutlery and buffet ware. Well known in France, Parsley in Time expects it to be a welcome addition to its portfolio for UK restaurants.

Many of the pure white options have detailed modern and stylish patterning that compliments the shape and design of the individual tableware pieces.

Coloured pieces include a rich red tomato, sea blue and natural earth, as well as a subtle ochre of yellow cumin. Alongside the newly launched black tableware, these form part of the Modulo Nature range.

The cutlery, with its unprecedented boldness, was originally developed by the founder, Guy Degrenne. He based his with designs and markings on tanks used in the battle of Normandy. His concepts have now been developed into the modern day collection offered by Maison Degrenne.

‘Confidence’, the curvy mirror finished cutlery range, offers timeless classics at attractive prices. This cutlery will appeal to gastronomes with its innovative design, crafted finish and high-quality production. It is everything you would expect from Degrenne. Made from stainless steel, the cutlery is exceptionally resistant to staining and easy to clean.

“This fabulous series of tableware and glassware from one of the top French suppliers gives UK restaurants the chance to update and refresh their tables with stylish, elegant and modern new lines,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager, Parsley in Time.


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