RONDA – Strike a pose with these elegant stemless glasses from Artis®

Leading distributor of table and glassware, Artis®, has announced the introduction of Ronda, a stylish new collection of stemless glassware in three different sizes. Manufactured by Royal Leerdam, it is distributed to the foodservice industry by Artis® on an exclusive basis. Ronda is multi-functional – suitable for a variety of drink serves – wines, spirits and cocktails.


Ronda a premium alternative to stemware in locations where balance and stability are the key factors in the serving environment. It is a good choice for al fresco dining, hotels, cruise liners and hospitality event companies. Its versatility means that it has the potential to minimise the selection of glasses required in a full-service bar. Furthermore, is meets the current trend for less formal service, so is well suited to a more casual dining style.

The new collection feels very comfortable in the hand and enhances spirits and wines that benefit from a gentle increase in temperature. With its wide rim diameter, the larger size of Ronda makes a perfect alternative for your G&T serves, with plenty of room for large ice cubes and garnishes, enabling you to create that cocktail envy feeling!

There are three different sizes in the range – 47cl; 59cl and 72cl – with list prices ranging from £3.30 to £3.50 each.

Ronda is just one of a myriad of glassware styles in the Artis portfolio. The full range, together with tableware and bar accessories, may be viewed online at: For more information call 020 8391 5544.