The humble sandwich, a culinary concept that holds a shared communal sense of love and
appreciation world-wide.

A crowd pleaser, that if executed right – can hit the spot quite like no other.
The good news is, London is about to get a taste of sandwich perfection.

This September, the hotly anticipated Saint Elmo’s Late-Night Sandwich Bar is set to open its doors in the heart of London’s Soho.

Saint Elmo’s will be taking up a permanent residency at their Berwick Street caf every day from 5pm.
The caf will take on a late-night feel, offering patrons an exclusive new menu, serving up good-mood

“The unofficial film sequel to The Breakfast Club has become our official food sequel”, states founder
Jonathan, who alongside partner Ali, refused to be beaten by the current uncertainty that many are
facing in the hospitality industry. When lockdown called, they got busy!

After visualising the concept, they reached out to former Exec Chef, Chris O’Neil, inviting him to come back on-board and consult alongside current Exec Chef, James Brown. “It’s like having Ronaldo and Messi in the same room” says Jonathan, and it’s fair to say he’s right… the offering is guaranteed not to disappoint.

In true Breakfast Club style, the duo has once again produced a menu that conjures up the magical
memories of childhood and nostalgia.

Guilty pleasures include the teatime favourite, Chicken Kiev Sandwich and a twist on Findus Crispy Pancakes which sees slow cooked beef parcelled in a pancake and drizzled with truffle mayo.

But, the real hero on this menu is the flagship sandwich, Saint Elmo’s Fire… named after The Breakfast
Clubs unofficial sequel, described as ‘your local kebab shop in a sandwich’ – it is a sure-fire hit that will
call you back time and time again.

To the Veggies – they’ve got you too. How does Mac and Cheese, Veggie Haggis and Chip Shop Sauce
all sandwiched between two slices of delicious bread sound? For Vegans, you must try the Delhi
Delhi – an Indian inspired creation that promises to delight with the perfect mix of ingredients, such
as bhaji, sag aloo, chips, mango salad, mango chutney and curry sauce. Saint Elmo’s r eally does cater
for all.

This August, you will be able to order these sigh-inducing sandwiches exclusively on Deliveroo. The
team are preparing to open their doors for dining guests from the beginning of September. Whilst
they recognise the benefits of rolling out a takeaway service, they insist that Saint Elmo’s is a
restaurant first, delivery second. They understand the unrivalled excitement and joy that comes from
catching up with friends and family over a pint, whilst enjoying great service and great food.

If the success of The Breakfast Club is anything to go by, then this late-night offering is set to be a
blockbuster smash.

Take me where the future’s lying St Elmo’s fire….