• Bioarmor® has been newly tested to be 99.9% efficacy in reducing the surface activity of Human Coronavirus 229E (ISO 21702:2019)
  • Each application protects most non-porous surfaces for up to 90 days minimum (90-day efficacy tested under ISO22196:2011)
  • Surface protection coating wipes for six different consumer categories & B2B venue/corporate cleaning

Bioarmor® can officially announce that their new formulation surface coating has now been tested (under ISO21702:2019) to be 99.9% efficient in reducing Human Coronavirus (Type 229E) – in addition to phi6 enveloped virus, E-coli, and MRSA.

Bioarmor® products offer an effective added line of defence against surface viruses, bacteria and other ‘nasties’ – this ultra-thin antimicrobial surface protection remains effective for 90 days, ensuring an added level of protection in a COVID riddled world.

Bacterial transmission by hand is one of the most common ways in which common pathogens are spread in high-traffic, shared areas. Bioarmor® antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of harmful microbes 24/7, helping to keep surfaces more hygienic and reducing the risk for bacteria/viruses to be transferred. The product works within a super-thin, invisible coating that has an embedded antimicrobial additive that interferes with the virus’s cell structure and continually acts to reduce the surface activity of harmful microbes including Human Coronavirus 229E, Phi6, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA & E-coli.

The surface protection coating packs come in retail options of shelf-ready packaging  (SRPs) of x10 pieces and clip-strips of x10 pieces plus back to work specials.

Business to business options come in bulk box ‘sachet’ dispensers (x100pcs) and spray bottles of 500ml and one litre.

Bioarmor (via their UK distributor Bluechipworld Sales & Marketing) are actively seeking retail chains & independent stockists to get on board – please email [email protected] or [email protected] for trade information.

Visit to find out more.

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