Mastering Multi-Units offers access to world-class leadership programmes

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With expertise in leadership development, Mastering Multi-Units is offering access to a comprehensive range of world-class programmes for the hotel and hospitality industry and beyond.

Leaders face multiple challenges and that’s without taking the trials of the past few years into account. They need to draw on established tools to effectively manage their business and teams.

Mastering Multi-Units is uniquely approved to deliver a range of leadership programmes from both the world-renowned The Ken Blanchard Companies and Franklin Covey. Offering these highly effective leadership development programmes for groups of six upwards makes them accessible to any size of hotel or hospitality business.  

Lee Sheldon, founder of Mastering Multi-Units explains: “No one doubts the pace of change that today’s managers and leaders must contend with and the development support they receive must adapt to changing circumstances too.

Leaders within the hotel and hospitality sector have so much to juggle. From changing customer expectations, seasonal highs and lows, new technology, labour issues and staff turnover – it’s a lot! They need to develop a range of skills to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Until now, these businesses thought that accessing Blanchard and FranklinCovey content was reserved to large corporates and even larger budgets! Well, now we can help even the smallest team to become outstanding!”.

Mastering Multi-Units is a Blanchard Partner Network channel partner. The company can draw on two of the world’s most widely used leadership frameworks, the SLII® model and The One Minute Manager, to deliver proven models that help leaders reach their goals.

Mastering Multi-Units is also accredited to deliver FranklinCovey personal effectiveness and leadership development solutions with access to the best tools, videos and self-assessments, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Find out more about how Mastering Multi-Units can deliver world-renowned training for teams of six and over to improve leadership effectiveness from The Ken Blanchard Companies and FranklinCovey.

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