Les Roches highlights at Hospitality ON Awards

Sommet Education, the world’s leading group of hospitality management schools, and its flagship institution Les Roches, have received accolades in the Hospitality ON Awards.

For over two decades, the awards have distinguished the most exemplary and innovative initiatives within the global hospitality and hotel industry – and serve as a boost to the most daring entrepreneurs and professionals.

At the Hospitality ON Awards event held in Paris last week, a commemoration of some of this year’s most notable achievements, the legacy of Les Roches and its profound influence on the sector was again highlighted.

Graduate’s Remarkable Ascent in the Hospitality Industry

Stella Zinn, General Manager at Hilton Vienna Plaza, was honoured for her successful career in hospitality with the highly esteemed “Breakthrough Career in Hospitality” award.

Her journey, from a Les Roches graduate to her role today, serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals in the field.

“Les Roches has laid the foundation and prepared me with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge required for a successful career in the hospitality industry, leveraging its extensive history and legacy within the business,” Stella said. “My education at Les Roches, coupled with Hilton’s renowned graduate development program, have allowed me to ascend the career ladder and achieve my ambitious career goal in a relatively short timeframe.”


Industry Recognition: Les Roches’ Practical Approach Leads to Student Success in Hospitality ON’s Young Talent Awards

The night was also marked by the remarkable achievement of Jake Collins (UK), and Cecilia Fernandez (Spain), both enrolled on the BBA in Global Hospitality Management program at Les Roches.

They received the Hospitality ON’s Young Talent Awards that celebrate innovative initiatives in the hospitality sector. Jake and Cecilia’s win showcases how Les Roches equips its students with the skills and vision needed to excel in the industry.

Their success further underlines the institution’s commitment to nurturing talent and preparing students for impactful careers in hospitality.


A Visionary Approach to Hospitality Education at Les Roches

Les Roches Marbella Director Mano Soler was bestowed the honour of representing the institution at a ceremony, presenting the “Career in Hospitality” award.

Under the visionary leadership of its CEO, Carlos Diez de la Lastra, Les Roches continues to revolutionise hospitality education, producing graduates who not only excel in their careers but also leave an indelible mark on the industry.


The institution’s commitment to academic excellence, practical training, and immersive industry experiences has cemented its position as a benchmark in hospitality education. In fact, its graduates are highly sought after by the best organisations and hotels.


Legacy of Les Roches: Shaping the Future of Hospitality

Les Roches, an educational institution at the forefront of hospitality education, is an integral part of Sommet Education’s global network of institutions dedicated to the art of hospitality.

For over 65 years, Les Roches has consistently set the standard for excellence, developing industry leaders like Stella Zinn, who continue to elevate the sector today. The success of Stella and the participation of Mano at this year’s Hospitality ON Awards® reaffirms the institution’s undeniable impact on the field.

Mano expressed his deep gratitude for the opportunity to represent Les Roches and for the recognition received: “This award is a testimony to the dedication and hard work of the entire Les Roches community – our students, faculty, and alumni,” he said. “We take immense pride in shaping the careers of hospitality professionals and will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in education.”


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