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How to make your B&B more attractive to guests

Attracting new guests to your B&B business is no easy task.

Hospitality businesses now face rising prices and lower consumer confidence. The latest European Hospitality Industry Outlook by Deloitte found that financial pressures pose the biggest risk to the industry. In October 2022, only 32% of consumers intended to spend money on hotel bookings, with many making compromises to cut costs.

No matter whether you’re a relative newcomer or have been in the industry for decades, it’s always worth knowing a thing or two about attracting new visitors to your guesthouse.

Customer retention in hospitality: Why is it so important?

In any business, building consumer trust is essential. First impressions count – but providing a positive experience at every stage of your customers’ interactions with your company is the only way to foster a brilliant reputation.

Marketing strategies help to amplify your presence and visibility, though you’ll need more for long-term success. Building an established business in hospitality relies on word of mouth – especially in challenging economic times.

Brits have changed the way they travel to save money. By October 2022, over half of holidaymakers intended to book cheaper trips or travel outside of peak periods. While this could be welcome news for off-season stays on remote resorts, the typical peaks and troughs may be harder to predict.

And there’s another challenge to face, too: how can you keep guests interested despite rising prices? We’ve covered the most important steps below.

Three ways to make your B&B more attractive to guests

  • Provide tailored experiences

Personalised guest experiences create memorable visits. Before your guests arrive, it’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about their preferences. Accommodate special requests wherever possible and leave thoughtful touches, like complimentary toiletries or snacks, in the guest suites. If you offer additional spa services, you could offer one-off promotions on treatments.

  • Make it unique

From the décor in guest suites to the atmosphere in the welcome lobby, it’s essential to create a unique and visually attractive setting. Never underestimate just how much ambience matters when it comes to providing an experience that your guests wish to repeat. To help safeguard the ornaments that define your style and décor, seeking bed & breakfast insurance could be a useful layer of protection.

  • Provide exceptional customer service

Your team should always strive to provide a customer experience that stands out. This is key to attracting and retaining guests through positive reviews and personal recommendations. To help guarantee this in every area, train your staff to provide an attentive, thorough and warm service. Encourage the team to learn local history and knowledge, which could help you to provide suitable touristic recommendations to guests.

There are so many ways to enhance your customer experience if you own a bed & breakfast business – or host guests regularly. This should be your priority: when guests leave your property with exceeded expectations, you can rest assured that word of mouth will be the most powerful tool in promoting your business.

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