Cafes Novell

Coffee today is part of our culture and to be enjoyed on so many different occasions – whether it’s having a social chat, whilst at work, during a business meeting, when taking a rest, reading the morning paper, grabbing a cup whilst travelling and certainly to linger over when on holiday – whenever, a cup of coffee seems to suit the occasion. One thing is certain though – a bad cup of coffee makes for a bad occasion!

Tasting is very personal and it’s an important decision to make as a restaurateur or coffee shop owner as to what you offer your clientele. It is also an opportunity to educate customers with the many varieties and varying quality of coffees now available in the UK. As more and more people become coffee enthusiasts, so restaurants are having to be more discerning about the coffee they offer to their clients to finish off their meal.

Since 1958 Cafes Novell has been seducing the senses of millions of Spanish people with its continued pursuit of ‘The Perfect Cup’ of Espresso which is currently enjoyed by over 500,000 people daily around the world and increasing.

In 2011 Cafes Novell embarked on a global expansion drive. The first choice for expansion was Italy where it opened in Milan and Rome. This may not be the first choice for a coffee company to embark on global expansion but with an exquisite product Novell were ready to take on the Italians on home turf!

Since the continued success in Italy, Novell quickly followed with expansion into Hong Kong, China, USA, and more recently Novell opened its doors for business in the UK in April 2015 with their first clients, a Bakery chain in London. Now 16 months on and Cafes Novell UK now boasts over 100 clients in the UK including aquariums, visitor attractions, hotels, restaurants and many coffee shops along with a few football clubs for good measure!

Earlier this year Novell launched its bio-degradable Nespresso compatible capsules initially focusing on the hotel sector enabling hotels to provide premium coffee in an ‘eco-friendly’ capsules, allowing Cafes Novell UK to be a complete hotel coffee provider from machines and beans through to capsules for bedrooms. In the last month Cafes Novell UK has launched its e-commerce site with the primary aim of targeting the home market for Nespresso compatible capsule. The site is already proving to be a success with Sales coming in and over 2500 visitors to the site ( in the last 4 weeks since launch. This site sits alongside where more information can be found about the company and its growth.

Phil White, Managing Director of Cafes Novell UK confirms exciting times ahead in 2016/17 as the team embarks on a push for growth across the UK following the commitment of additional investment to aid his aspirations for the business. Something that one of Spain’s largest coffee roasters also now has firmly in their sights; bringing premium quality coffee and service to the UK market. Giving support to the team at Cafes Novell UK to become a major force in the UK coffee market in the coming years.

To contact Novell to establish how they can help in your business please contact either Phil White – Managing Director for the UK or Xavi Mas – National Account Manager. 01937 845584, or visit