Celtic Marches – Herefordshire Craft Cider

You might be forgiven for not immediately recognising the brand name as it would seem that Celtic Marches have been one of Herefordshire’s best kept secrets. Nestled in a quiet corner of Herefordshire, a county renowned for its cider production, this single-estate apple cider producer has been milling away peacefully for over 100 years.

All apples used in their ciders are taken from their 200 acre orchards on the family farm in Bishops Frome. This self-sustaining cider producer is in a rare position, a result of over 100 years and numerous generations that have dedicated themselves to the orchards and hop fields. This allows for full control over their cider production from tree to glass. Awarded PGI status, you can be assured that only Herefordshire apples are used in their craft cider.

Their bold, strong female branding stands out from the norm and is reflective of the women behind this slick operation. With their large scale production abilities, the female majority team has been selected by Director, Susan Vaughan for their skills, passion for quality and consistent drive for a premium craft cider. Shaking off the traditional approach to cider branding, each of their core range has a woman’s name, all with a different character and taste. The female strength of the company and it’s branding is a far cry from what the cider industry has been used to.

Offering a mix of packaging, from bottles to BIBs, kegs to cans; their strong range of ciders caters for a diverse market. Their ability to follow market trends is not compromising and maintaining traditional values and respect for their provenance will always be core.

Their ladies have certainly been hitting the right notes as five of their ciders walked away with a prize at the 2018 International Cider Challenge. The Challenge celebrates the best ciders from around the globe. Blind taste tests by independent judges focus on taste, appearance and aroma. Thundering Molly and Slack Alice both received Bronze awards, whilst Ruby Tuesday, a delicious raspberry cider achieved Silver. Lily the Pink went for Gold and Cuckoo Penny, a hazy rhubarb cider, stole the show and claimed the Trophy.

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