Keep your commercial kitchen drains running smoothly

For pubs, restaurants and all other businesses with commercial kitchens there are strict regulations in place for how waste products must be disposed of, in particular fats, oils and grease (FOG). This is to prevent them from reaching water systems and contributing to the increasing fatberg problem as well as blocked pipes, bad odours and potentially flooding.

While grease traps are designed to stop FOG from entering the drainage system, regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and with minimal odours is essential.

Genesis Biosciences, which specialises in creating probiotic cleaning solutions, has developed a compact and effective system for easily maintaining drainage systems and grease traps. GD Ultra is a simple to use, compact dispenser system which automatically distributes a daily dose of powerful beneficial bacteria that work to break down FOG. The dispenser can easily be plumbed in to the pipe to feed the probiotics in to the system.

One 310ml GD Ultra cartridge will last for three months so once installed, it eliminates the need for manual dosing and can ultimately reduce waste disposal costs for those in the hospitality industry.

So, how does it work?

Deposits of FOG can block grease traps and line waste pipes, leading to unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions which inevitably will require chemical or mechanical treatment.

The probiotics in GD Ultra have been specially selected for their ability to break down these fatty deposits. The beneficial bacteria form a protective biofilm that thrives in the system, automatically topped up by a daily dose to maintain an efficient grease trap.

Diagram showing the multiple areas that GD Ultra tackles inside the drains of a commercial kitchen.

What are the benefits?

A key benefit of the GD Ultra system is simplicity. The dispenser can be easily plumbed in to the pipe to feed the probiotics in to the system. One single 310ml GD Ultra cartridge will last for 3 months – so once it’s in, it can be left to do its job without the need for manual dosing.

The compact system is ideal for smaller kitchens where space for a large dosing system is limited.

We utilise application-specific beneficial bacteria, this means we have chosen the probiotics that can release the right enzymes to target and breakdown FOG.

Above are before and after pictures, showing a grease trap at the start and then after 3 months of GD Ultra treatment. The volume of fats, oils and grease in the grease traps was significantly reduced, with the traps containing predominantly food scraps after treatment. Malodours spreading from the grease trap were also significantly reduced.

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The GD Ultra ‘kit’ provides, 1 X dispenser and 4 X cartridges to give a full years protection against FOG build-up and malodours.

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