Growing Solutions as easy as 1, 2, 3 with CCS.

Continental Chef Supplies are rapidly becoming a leading advisor on hydroponic growing solutions and now offer 3 state of the art solutions aimed at all sectors of the market.

  1. Urban Cultivator

Available in Residential and Commercial versions, the Urban Cultivator provides the perfect indoor garden for the home as well as catering & hospitality businesses alike and is now distributed to most parts of the world. Plug and play technology provides 365 days per year growing opportunity, in modern, stylish units, created with architects, designers, caterers and restauranteurs in mind. No food waste, no pesticides, no chemicals – just unparalleled culinary experiences with some of the highest levels of nutrition available. “It’s hassle free and the produce is fresher than anything we can buy in” says Simon Hulstone, Elephant Restaurant.

  1. I-Kitchen Garden

I-Kitchengarden is a revolutionary farming solution comprising of portable growing units and complete bespoke builds. Whatever the space, we have future proof technology that enables you to grow what you want, when you want and how much you want – Fully automated, 24/7, from your mobile, tablet or computer. Faster growth & bigger harvests of high quality micro vegetables, leaf-salad and herbs. Our fully transportable and manoeuvrable units are available in 4 sizes to match your production needs with the added option of scaling up to a bespoke indoor farm. We’re able to provide case studies and detailed project experience delivering confidence and a proven track record of measured results and competence.

  1. Growmodule365

Growmodule365 is an industry leading, containerised hydroponic growing system capable of producing a variety of leaf, herbs, young vegetables and soft fruit at any time of year, in any part of the world. Our pre-built system contains all of the required components for commercial food production. Using 90% less water than open field farming methods, Growmodule365 completely avoids chemicals, unpredictable climate and pests which come as factors in traditional growing.

Want to discuss an idea or project or perhaps explore bespoke lighting recipes to optimise yield results? Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can support your growing needs.

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Future farming methods are here today.

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