The Real Greek (, the UK’s only group of truly authentic Greek restaurants, is bringing unique Greek grape varieties to the UK with the launch of its  dedicated Greek wine menu, featuring an intrepid selection of 19 wines from Greece’s finest artisan winemakers.

Sourced from across the country, from the hills of Mount Olympus to the Peloponnese and Halkidiki  in the North of Greece, the menu will make the most exclusive vintages of Greece accessible to all. The Real Greek will allow Brits to experience the taste and aroma of the country’s unique vintages, showcasing a variety of indigenous wines, each with their own distinctive style and tasting notes, that are produced in the region.

Wine has always been an integral part of Grecian culture and gastronomy, with the ancient Greeks pioneering new methods of viticulture and wine production. The menu will feature 19 bottles of Greek wine. Alongside these 19, five vintages from Italy will be available. In total there are eleven white, four rosé and nine reds.

Each Greek wine on the menu is produced using artisan methods, so only the very best grapes are selected for each bottle.

The Real Greek’s Own Wines

Designed for both oenophiles and social drinkers, the menu features four of The Real Greek’s own branded wines with two whites and two red, showcasing unique Aegean grape varieties:

  • Athiri White – produced from a refreshing white grape grown in a vineyard on the boarder region of Halkidiki, the wine has pleasant aromas of white flowers and fruit, with a medium body
  • Moschofilero White – made from grapes grown in a small vineyard on the high plateaus of the Mantinia region, in the Peloponnese, this white wine is characterised by its intense floral aromas, which are aromatic and light in the mouth and provide a refreshing finish with an elegantly spicy hint
  • Agiorgitiko Red – produced from local grape growers in the Peloponnese, Agiorgitiko is the most famous red grape variety in Greece. It is grown at an altitude between 250 and 400 metres, creating a perfectly balanced bottle of wine with notes of sweet spices and a fruity after taste
  • Xinomavro Red – made in Naoussa in the North of Greece, this unique medium-bodied and vibrant ruby red wine,  has a scent of ripe red berries and notes of sweet herbs

The menu also features a number of wines from Greek brands, including the Abaton Agioritiko White, a unique white wine produced by monks at the St. Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos,  a protected site that only they can visit. It has a light flowery aromas and a fresh palate of citrus fruit.

Another is the Assyrtiko Organic, which is the most renowned variety of Greek white grape. It is grown across the country, including the North of  Greece and the volcanic island of Santorini, where it was first cultivated. The white wine it produces has scents of citrus and white fleshed fruits, followed by fine mineral and herbal hints, delivering a fresh quality and crisp finish on the palate.

The unique Greek wines are designed to be enjoyed alongside The Real Greek’s social dining menu. Each one perfectly complements the restaurant’s traditional and contemporary Greek meze dishes, flame-grilled meats,  souvlaki wraps and salads, which are all piled high on the table for sharing.

The wines are available in a 175ml glass, 500ml carafe or a 750ml bottle. With the prices starting at £4.90, £13.40 and £18.00 respectively.

With all the fun and energy of quintessential Greek dining, The Real Greek is perfect for dates, family-get togethers and a catch up with friends. Its traditional Greek hospitality always delivers a buzzing atmosphere and occasional live entertainment makes it the ideal location for birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

The new wine list includes:

White Wines:

  • Ellinas White (Greece)
  • Athiri (Greece)
  • Moschofilero (Greece)
  • Kanenas White (Greece)
  • Assyrtiko Organic (Greece)
  • Emmetros Logos Malagousia White (Greece)
  • Cavino – Ionos White (Greece)
  • Abaton Agioritiko White (Greece)
  • Retsina (Greece)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (Italy)
  • Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Rosé Wines:

  • Makedonikos Rosé (Greece)
  • Emmetros Logos Xinomavro Rosé (Greece)
  • 14/27 Xinomavro Rosé (Greece)
  • Rosato (Italy)

Red Wines:

  • Ellinas Red (Greece)
  • Agiorgitiko Red (Greece)
  • Xinomavro Red (Greece))
  • Kanenas Red (Greece)
  • Abaton Agioritiko Red (Greece)
  • Rapsani Tsantali (Greece)
  • Cavino – Ionos Red (Greece)
  • Merlot (Italy)
  • Nero D’avola (Italy