Dutchglobe is a young, flexible company that focuses on the production of completely, contemporary wooden tables, chairs and lighting.

We are committed to providing exceptional and innovative furniture to the business market, based on our considerable expertise and love for wood. Our designs are based on quality, flexibility and a timeless character.

In an ever more rapidly changing world, companies also need to respond faster to these events. This is especially true in the Hospitality industry, where efficiency and speed are vital.

Meetings followed by interactive teaching programmes, presentations and large or small seminars are booked successively in various conference centres.

As a hotel or conference space, you want to be able to serve all these clients effortlessly.

That is why Dutchglobe will be present at the upcoming Hospitality Fair 2019 on 17 to 19 September with our new solid stackable table.

The A line ultra.

A contemporary design with an innovative character. The beauty of solid wood, combined with the latest techniques in woodworking to create a spectacular table.

We have created a lightweight conference table from solid wood panels and we have even reduced the traverse weight.

The all-wood table makes labour-intensive tablecloths in your room superfluous and ensures a warm atmosphere in any room. You don’t have to cover these tables and you no longer need to wash table linen as they are no longer required. The 2-component varnish provides a scratch-free and moisture-resistant layer, so you can hold meetings around these tables without any concerns. The low weight of the innovative attachable tops are easy to connect to the tables, ensuring more legroom and fewer legs with any setup.

Switching between different set-ups can be done by a singular person, while also reducing space needed for storage when the tables are not needed.

The tables can be stacked to a maximum of 6 pieces and can be moved around with a simple trolley for chairs and tables.

The tables are available in sustainable FSC wood or environmentally friendly rubberwood and they can be varnished in several colours.

Dutchglobe creates contemporary, solid furniture with innovative solutions.

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