VESTA the ancient and modern Goddess of home

Founded in 2000, VESTA soon led the market of acrylic crystal for corporate communications and interior design.

VESTA’s name was inspired by the Goddess of the heart and home. That’s why VESTA’s ethos is twofold: modernity and tradition happily combine to express a new concept of living, based on eclecticism and open to innovation.

Together with the products for the home, VESTA designs a high-ranking proposal for iconic brands focused on quality, intimacy and beauty.

The strength of tough hardware(a big plant with several CNC-computer numerical control machines).

The value of specialized know-how.

The quality of solid experience are the basis of the VESTA’s structure.

VESTA has been dealing with hundreds of commissions, always focused on KPIs and creativity.

VESTA’s design process relies on a wide team of internal and external talents whose work is engineered and tested.

The production system is divided into two main phases: the first phase involves the laser cutting and marking process of the acrylic sheets.

The second and most important phase involves the manual skills of a team of 30 workers who shape, assemble and perfect the product with the same skill andmastery as craftsmen do.

This also allows a thorough control of the quality, and a very high quality-price ratio.

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