Make the right move for food safety and health and safety

When it comes to enforcement authority inspections, there’s no substitute for being prepared. Bob Mackay, Technical Director with Navitas Group, explains how investing in a food safety and health and safety audit will ensure you can face any inspection with confidence.

Any of the four main enforcement authorities – Fire, Food, Health and Safety and Trading Standards – can turn up at your restaurant at any time to conduct an inspection. While you might think you’re on top of things, how would your business fare at such a spot check?

Do you approach each day of your operations as if they may turn up? Are you confident any team member could give a good account of themselves if questioned by an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) about safe systems of work relevant to their tasks? Could your chef explain to the EHO the measures in place to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in the kitchen and confidently demonstrate that your HACCP controls are fully implemented?

If you’re hesitating over any of these questions, it might be time to think about an audit to ensure you’re compliant with current legislation and to pinpoint any potential gaps in your food, fire and health and safety processes.

Through Navitas Consultancy we’ve been conducting audits since 1998 for clients ranging from owner operated single hotels and restaurants to multi-national companies.

An audit is an in-depth fact find at your premises usually lasting one or two days. We’ll verify that your food safety, fire and health and safety practices comply with your policies and current legislation, as well as advise you of current best practice, including ensuring the correct application of HACCP.

We review current health and safety practice ensuring that the principles of risk assessment are used to promote safe systems of work and review fire safety arrangements.

The audit findings are used to create an action plan of prioritised actions for the management team to address and sign off. Where the audit identifies knowledge gaps amongst staff, our Navitas Academy offers training programmes on food safety, fire safety, health and safety and first aid to support a client’s needs and ensure continuous improvement. The audit findings can also be used to update company compliance policies.

Investing in a compliance audit provides enables you to verify your food operation, identify areas for improvement and ensure that you’re producing safe food in a safe environment at all times. Having achieved this, you can confidently welcome your local enforcement authorities at any time!