Please sir! You’re going to want some more 

Broadstairs is home to beautiful sandy beaches and rich in history. Being the second home of Charles Dickens you get an immediate sense of Dickensian Britain.

Inspired by the Dickens connection there is a new restaurant in town that is kicking up a storm. Please, Sir! Has been in business for just under a year and has already cemented itself as the go-to place for the best burger in Thanet.

Owner Steve Lawrence has always had a passion for fine food. He wanted to create something for the area that hasn’t been done before. His inspiration derives from the famous “Smash Burger” which is a staple in many American states. If you’re thinking that this is just a burger joint – Think again.

With an ever-changing menu Steve and his team use inspiration from  across globe to bring customer an experience like no other.

Firstly let’s talk about the food.  I had the pleasure of experiencing their famous “Rump steak smash burger” and I can tell you – one bite is all it takes.  You’re instantly submersed in an array of incredible flavours. From the freshly cut pickle to the crisp texture of smoked bacon this wonderful locally sourced beef patty is held together by sesame seeded brioche bun.

If you think the flavours stop there you’re wrong. I decided to accompany my burger with Please sirs! Cajun seasoned chips. They we’re the perfect companion of the rump steak smash burger.

As the menu changes weekly there is never a dull moment in the Kitchen. This week they have a regular appearance from the Korean steak sandwich. The reason for this is customer just cannot get enough of it. Steve creates his own Korean sauce from a number of ingredients (Of course their sauce is top secret) the sandwich is compiled of their famous local sourced steak, caramelised red onion, a variety of peppers, oozing cheese and served between a toasted poppy seed bloomer

After a terrific start for Please sir! Steve is really excited for the future. Although 2020 posed challenges the restaurant have “Great expectations” for this year.

Owner Steve commented

“ I can’t believe how great the response has been from the local community. Although with the passion we put into every order it is of no surprise that our efforts have been recognised. I have a fantastic team around me who have the same drive and attention to detail I have which is superb.  We are so excited for this year and have plenty of new ideas for our rolling menu. I am so thankful for the support so far and we will ensure our high standards are kept and built on. To me consistency is everything. 

Please Sir! Is located at 36 High Street Broadstairs. If you live nearby or fancy a trip to the seaside you must pay them a visit.

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