St Ewe Free Range Eggs Launch Shell Out To Help Out Campaign To Support Local Communities and Food Banks – @steweeggs

St Ewe Free Range Eggs are popping up at locations throughout Cornwall selling trays of their delicious, multi-award winning free-range eggs to local communities.

For each tray sold at their current reduced price, St Ewe is donating 1 carton of eggs to Food Banks in their area to try and help ease the growing food poverty issue, brought on as a direct result of the relentless Covid pandemic.


Just like many small businesses the country over, St Ewe has seen over half of their business drop off due to the pandemic, half of their customers being in the hospitality sector. Unfortunately, you can’t furlough a hen and their flocks keep producing nutritious, free-range eggs, but without a home, St Ewe along with countless other packers in the UK face the heartbreaking reality of having to throw away these perfectly edible eggs right when they are needed most.  It is from here that the idea for the campaign came about, to reduce food waste and help those in need by supplying tasty and nutritious eggs.




“As we are all getting used to the lock down way of life, it feels that the poultry farming industry has been hit particularly hard by this most recent one.


Timing is everything, and the lead up to Christmas which had its usual buzz was followed by the plummet that falls in between Christmas and New Year; this year it has been faster and harder than ever. Combined with the 3rd lockdown, uncertainty of Brexit and an increase in poultry feed prices this cruel timing has left many poultry businesses in a dismal position.


Supermarkets are restricting egg sales which seems such an odd thing to do when surplus eggs are going out of date and being thrown away! This all seems criminal when there are so many people in need of food and this is when Shell Out To Help Out was born. Every tray of eggs sold St Ewe donate a carton of eggs to the food banks.


Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can buy as well as being affordable, extremely versatile, simple to cook and easily digestible for all age groups; the perfect food for all! So let’s get them out there and share this beautiful British product with those that need it most.”  Bex Tonks – St Ewe Free Range Eggs CEO & Farmer


St Ewe is hoping to see as many people as possible getting involved in the initiative, so far having recruited top chefs such as Guy Owen of the St Enodoc Hotel in Rock to sell eggs in their local communities. St Ewe are offering their free-range eggs at a heavily discounted rate; enabling more families to gain access to this highly nutritious food.


St Ewe is partnering with local charities to help spread the word including  CHAOS (Feed Cornwall), FareShare SW, Hive, Newquay Orchard. Following the incredible success of the Feed Cornwall campaign, which saw hundreds of local families provided with food boxes over the Christmas period, the CHAOS Collective are continuing to support people in need in Cornwall through the development of community larders and other new projects. CHAOS is being given 6,000 of the St Ewe’s free-range eggs to distribute via its community larders. While the eggs will be available for collection in all its community larders from Sunday,  the team are keen to encourage key workers to take advantage of the scheme.


“We are incredibly grateful to St Ewe eggs for their generosity which will help hundreds of people across Cornwall” said CHAOS Managing Director Babs Rounsevell.  “We know just how hard critical workers are working to protect all of us at this time and we would particularly like to invite them to come and collect some of these eggs”.


The locations of their pop ups will be posted on St Ewe’s Facebook page and anybody who is interested in this campaign is encouraged to join the Shell Out To Help Out group to share stories, recipe inspiration and do their little bit to help others during these difficult times.


Please share your creations on your social media channels using the hashtags #SO2HO and support your local and British producers #GBFoodrevolution.


So please, SHELL OUT TO HELP OUT and let’s get through this together.