A wave of home bartenders and mixologists has been born out of lockdown, with no sign of slowing into 2021. The findings were revealed by Craft Gin Club, the UK’s biggest gin subscription service, in its annual Big Gin Report. Formed from a survey of over 6,000 UK respondents, the report unveils the biggest drink trends for 2021.

  • Home bartenders on the rise as three quarters of the public prefer to always or mostly drink at home rather than at a restaurant or bar.
  • 90% of Brits plan to make more cocktails in the home in 2021.
  • A fifth of Brits have a dedicated home bar, with a further 15% of the nation planning to create one.
  • The findings are unveiled in Craft Gin Club’s Big Gin Report which outlines the biggest drink trends for 2021.


With a nation of budding mixologists, 90% of Brits surveyed said they plan to make cocktails at home more often in 2021, suggesting the inevitable rise of home drinking created by lockdown has developed into something a real alternative to going out.


Three quarters of respondents also stated they prefer to always, or mostly, drink in the comfort of their own home rather than at a bar or restaurant.


Maria Vieira, Master Mixologist at Craft Gin Club said: “Covid-19 and lockdown has certainly spurred people to experiment more with drinks in the home but it also seems to have created a new nationwide love of home cocktail making which isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Throughout 2020 we saw our customers experiment with different mixers and take more time to educate themselves so they can make the perfect serve at home.


“Through our annual Big Gin Report we’re always looking at the biggest trends for the year ahead and how we can enhance the at home drinking experience for our customers.”


Not only has the British public indicated they prefer the home drinking experience but they’ve also been investing in their home bars. A fifth of respondents said they already have a dedicated home bar and 15% are planning on creating one.


A third (34%) have purchased mixology equipment so that they are able to make more cocktails in the home, with 86% spending up to £100, enabling them to create everything from the perfect Espresso Martini to a classic Negroni.


Over half (56%) of Brits said they have become more confident in making cocktails over the last 12 months and 65% have tried to improve their cocktail making skills through online tutorials, following recipes and enrolling in cocktail making courses. For those wanting to invest in the basics, the shaker was voted as the most crucial item for home cocktails, reported to be the most commonly purchased and used item by home bartenders.


Those in the North East of England have grown in confidence the most with 64% saying they had either definitely or somewhat grown in confidence in the last 12 months, closely followed by Greater London, with 60% saying the same.


Other trends in the report found Scotland is the UK’s gin capital with nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents stating their favourite gin is from the country.


Those who have retired are the biggest gin drinkers, with 21% of over-70s having a gin daily and 56% enjoying one two to three times a week.


Yet the younger generation consider themselves most knowledgeable about gin, with 62% of 18 to 24 year olds classing themselves as somewhat of a gin expert. Compared with older respondents who were less likely to think of themselves as a gin expert. 55% of 35 to 49 year olds, 63% of 50 to 69 year olds and 62% of 70+ did not consider themselves a gin expert.


The Big Gin Report can be viewed online at www.craftginclub.co.uk/


Craft Gin Club is the number one gin subscription service in the UK and saw membership grow 66% this year reaching 100,000 subscribers. Members receive a special bottle of full-sized gin, including rare and exclusive editions, along with mixers, garnishes and sweet and savoury snacks – everything needed for making cocktails in the home.