Creating a sophisticated look with Sheer Curtains

Interior trends are seeing more people choosing featherweight sheer curtains to dress windows rather than a heavier formal, traditional curtain.  While sheers are often used for privacy and security, they can also add style and sophistication to a window or partition, creating a light and breezy atmosphere, often with a natural and modern feel.   On very large windows even a simple plain white voile can create a dramatic effect. Picture an open window or doors with sheers blowing in the spring breeze… it can be simply stunning.

The choice of designs, fabrics, textures and styles now available is staggering, so let the experts at online sheer curtain store, Net Curtains Direct, guide you through some of the key considerations for buying sheers for a hotel or restaurant.

Net Curtains or Voiles?

Net curtains are generally knitted, often with a coarse yarn and mainly in white or cream, whereas voiles are woven giving a finer but more robust fabric and because of this will take a lot more embellishment. There is a very wide selection of plain, coloured and patterned voiles available that are inherently fire retardant, while with net curtains it will typically only be plain designs.



One of Net Curtains Direct’s most popular fabrics is Aspen, a linen-look voile available in 30 different colours. This 100% polyester matt fabric oozes versatility. Choose white & natural tones for a timeless, relaxing feel creating a sanctuary of peace and quiet.  Bold contrast colours can match existing accents, or add freshness as a statement piece to make a feature of an otherwise solemn window.


How much gather or fullness to go for is often one of the most popular questions that customers ask Net Curtains Direct.  The optimum gather on sheers with a standard heading is 2.5x the window width, so a 100cm wide window would need 250cm of fabric.  Opting for less gather can be more economical, although it’s not recommended to go below 2x. Likewise, those wanting maximum privacy should go no further than 3x the window width.   One point to remember, is that while more gather will offer more privacy, it can also block more light. Consider the pattern too, with busy and dense patterns needing less gather to create the same effect as a plain curtain.


String Curtains

Very popular in large spaces, such as restaurant windows or hotel lobbies, string curtains offer a very simple solution to add a stunning and clean look against glass or in an open space as a divide.  Hang the strings flat for a subtle look, allowing plenty of visibility inside and out.  Doubling the fullness creates a richer dynamic look while some will double-layer strings of complementing colours for added luxury and elegance. Recessed spot lights shining up or down can also add an extra dramatic feel.

Net Curtains Direct are the world’s premier sheer curtain online store, based in the UK providing bespoke curtains and hardware worldwide. You can order thousands of different curtains direct from their website, or speak to their dedicated contract department via the details below.

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