Peroni brings Italian aperitivo to Plateau @plateaulondon

This summer, Peroni is teaming up with Plateau to bring a taste of Italy to the heart of Canary Wharf.

To celebrate the recent launch of Peroni Ambra, Plateau head chef Jeremy Trehout has created a fabulous food pairing, complementing the refreshing flavours of this brand new ‘aperitivo’.  Guests can choose from savoury choices of fresh oysters (£3 each), smoked salmon (£9.50) or sweet sorbets (£2.50 each) that will be served alongside the popular summer bar snacks.

Designed to open the palate and stimulate the appetite, Peroni Ambra combines the crisp and refreshing taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro and the sharpness of Italian chinotto, a rare citrus fruit found in Liguria, North West Italy.  Served over ice Peroni Ambra is perfect for an early evening drink enjoyed on Plateau’s stunning terrace, offering unique views of Canary Wharf.


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