Uxbridge based foodservice and food retailing equipment provider, Fri-Jado UK Limited, has announced that it is now providing a five year warranty on its range of MD (multi deck) hot food merchandisers. The company claims that it is the first and only manufacturer to offer such extended cover for this type of equipment. The five year warranty applies to Fri-Jado’s MD ‘Eyeline’ and MD Premium ranges, which include models with three, four or five display decks and cabinet widths of 600, 1000, or 1200 mm.

Fri-Jado UK’s Director of National Accounts, Gary Thacker, explained the company’s decision to offer the extended warranty.

“Our MD hot food merchandisers are the result of over ten years of market research and product development. They incorporate state-of-the-art technology and have been engineered for reliability, operational efficiency and ease of use. As a result, a negligible failure rate means that we have complete faith in offering a five year warranty on this equipment.”

The displays have been designed to meet the growth in demand for hot grab & go snacks and meal options, especially in neighbourhood shops, convenience stores, forecourts, symbol groups, quick service restaurants and food to go outlets. The MD merchandisers allow operators to tap into the lucrative food to go market, which is predicted to be worth £23.5 billion by 2022 (source IGD). The heated displays are also suitable for the rapidly expanding home delivery sector, where the volume of deliveries is estimated to be approaching a billion per year.

The MD merchandisers incorporate Fri-Jado’s proven and patented Hot Blanket holding technology. Hot air is blown from the front of each shelf and is circulated over the shelf surface, before being recycled into the unit. Product is held within a blanket of hot air to deliver a consistent and food safe holding temperature of 65°C and above. The accurate and stable holding temperature maintains cooked food at perfect quality and appearance for at least four hours, reducing the amount of merchandise that may be price discounted or thrown away, due to product deterioration. The air curtain technology on the front of each shelf retains hot air within the unit, reducing cabinet air spillage, to create energy savings of some 20%.

The plug and go units require only a 13 A power supply and are castor mounted, allowing them to be easily relocated on the sales floor to meet changes in merchandising requirements. Additional features include a bump rail to prevent cabinet damage from shopping trolleys and a temperature display on the customer side of the unit.