Emma Jackman Conscious Chocolate interview

  1. Can you talk me through how Conscious Chocolate and The Raw Chocolate Company came about?

Gosh! Well the short version is making my own chocolate treats in my kitchen – not finding chocolate without refined sugar or ticking all the free from requirements, as well as not compromising on taste – so making my own, followed by organic growth from giving to family/friends and selling at markets. I eventually came to London’s iconic Borough Market and began to receive requests to be stocked in health food shops … the rest, they say, is history!

  1. So, what does a day in the life of Emma look like?

Usually I start the day by doing some yoga stretches, walking my dogs and getting my daughter off to school. Once I get to work, I start by eating chocolate! It might be a new recipe we are trialling or a bar from a batch made that day – I always try a bar from every batch to ensure quality control – the best bit of my day! Then I’m usually in various meetings in person or virtually via skype on sales, branding, marketing, packaging and NPD. I submit to the usual email inbox battling and once a week I offer an hours yoga to the team.

  1. Do you have a favourite Conscious Chocolate flavour?

Of course! I love the Four Nuts bar as I love nuts in chocolate – I love them all but this is my fav!

  1. How does Conscious Chocolate differ from other vegan brands?

It will be our super creamy, luxurious, decadent taste and texture. I’ve been very conscious from the start of providing a product that sits apart from others on the market, something that turns the concept of vegan chocolate on its head. We have amazing flavours too and use organic essential oils in our best-selling 4 bars.

  1. What is the next step for the brand?

Next steps are really exciting – new gift boxes, hampers, truffle-like hearts… loads! We are also working closely with zero waste stores along with delicious new products, so watch this space!